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The future is in front of your eyes!
プロから学ぶ To become a professional, learn from professionals.

To become a professional, learn from professionals.

Ogaki: a quiet, academic city, long known as “The City of Textiles”.

In this city, which also includes a thriving high tech sector, you can find all the people and information that you need in order to become a pro.

Because Vision Next features Macs and other specialist-oriented equipment and books, a substantial scholarship system, small classes lead by top-notch teachers, and a flexible curriculum, it is possible to learn the necessary skills to become a pro from pros themselves.

Special training sessions to learn about cutting edge fashion, IT, and design in other cities, as well as opportunities for top-notch studies abroad are available.

実社会に直通! Directly connected to the industry!

Directly connected to the industry!

Vision Next is a technical school with a long history, first opened in 1944, and 5 years later received Prefectural Technical School First-Class Certification.
It continues to evolve alongside the bustling changes of society, as well as the fashion and IT industries.

Point 1: Vision Next has top-notch instructors “Mobile Campus” “Pro Teachers”

Our knowledgeable staff creates easy to understand, thourough lessons regarding fashion, IT, and more. Certification-focused lessons are also available.

自慢の講師陣 Point 1: Vision Next has top-notch instructors "Mobile Campus" "Pro Teachers"
Point 2: Vision Next has low tuition “Minimum Fee” “Vision Next Tuition Reduction Program”

Vision Next is a school that supports the next generation of fashion and IT professionals. Therefore, we offer a robust education at a low price. High school students with excellent grades and those who won awards in contests may be eligible for a reduction in tuition fees.

低学費 Point 2: Vision Next has low tuition "Minimum Fee" "Vision Next Tuition Reduction Program"
Point 3: Vision Next has in-depth, small group lessons “One on One” “Best Care System”

For specialist-focused lessons, it is essential that each student’s progress be monitored carefully. From beginners to the experienced, Vision Next offers thorough lessons to increase your skill. Our reliable instructors will support you.

少人数教育 Point 3: Vision Next has in-depth, small group lessons "One on One" "Best Care System"
Point 4: Vision Next has an outstanding post-graduation employment rate “Workshops” “Hands-on Experience”

In order to achieve post-graduation goals, we will help you to become an immediately valuable asset in the fashion or IT world. Using hands-on experience as the secret weapon, you will be able to approach the industry with confidence.

実際の現場を見て就職につなげましょう Point 4: Vision Next has an outstanding post-graduation employment rate "Workshops" "Hands-on Experience"
Point 5: Vision Next has an enriching environment “Academic Air” “A City Suited for Students”

The surrounding city is quiet and comfortable for students, and the campus is abundant with knowledgeable fashion and IT staff, as well as useful educational resources. There are also opportunities for training overseas.

閑静な環境 Point 5: Vision Next has an enriching environment "Academic Air" "A City Suited for Students"
資格に強いVN Certification-focused Vision Next

Certification-focused Vision Next

Carrying out Preparation Sessions and Analysis In-depth Personal Lessons Everyday Lessons and Direct Connections.

コンテストに強いVN Contest-focused Vision Next

Contest-focused Vision Next

  • NDK Fashion Show
  • Illustration Division Wacoal Award
  • Katsura Yumi Best Technique Award

Fashion Studies

Hands-on Experience at Select Shops

Through this experience, you can hear the real stories of shops in Nagoya, a cradle of fashion.

Learn Fashion Trends

Visit fashion facilities during our Tokyo training excursion. Get a feel for the thrill of the fast-paced brand-name fashion business.

Study Culture to Understand Fashion

Visit Dean & Deluca, a New York-based food select shop, located in Nagoya’s Midland Square.

Apparel Course

アパレルコース特長 Apparel Course

“I want to have fun learning designs I like!” is the dream we can achieve with the Apparel Course. Starting from accessories and small items that suit your taste, and moving up to authentic hands-on experiences to become a fashion professional, we offer many fun opportunities to learn. You will have a chance to make things from your own original t-shirt to wedding dresses, party dresses, and more.
If you would like to make clothes for yourself, this is the perfect course.

Fashion Business Course

ファッションビジネスコース特長 Fashion Business Course

“I want to be part of business side of fashion!” is the idea that we will support in the Fashion Business Course. If you don’t intend on becoming a designer, but you’re interested in importing fashion goods, running a shop, selling products, or becoming a buyer, merchandiser, fashion planner, fashion journalist, or coordinator, this program is ideal to reach your goals.

Develop your Individuality with Elective Lessons At Vision Next, aside from the basic, necessary lessons, we also have a selection of elective courses. You can choose according to your interests and your desired path in life. You can also choose lessons from the Chuunichi Culture Center, thanks to our connection with Chuunichi Newspaper. We offer a curriculum to further enrich your campus life.

IT Studies

1. 岐阜県大垣市にある学校です。 1. Trường tọa lạc tại thành phố Ogaki, tỉnh Gifu

Only 2km From Softopia, the pride of Japan Softopia Japan houses many IT-related businesses.

Gifu Prefecture is Making Strides in the IT Field, and the city of Ogaki is an Environment that Supports your Student Life Plans are in place to encourage the creation of new industries and create a strong environment for the promotion of IT.

Close to the Train Station
JR Ogaki Station is only 10 minutes away on foot.

Information Business Course

情報ビジネスコース特長 Information Business Course

From the basics of software like Word, Excel, and Powerpoint, to the finer points of programming, we will give you the skills to pass exams and acquire certifications in this course. From office workers to engineers at top software companies, these skills will make you a productive employee. According to your future goals, we will support you as you acquire various certifications and learn programming languages.

Graphic Design Course

グラフィックデザインコース特長 Graphic Design Course

Here you can learn complete mastery of the Mac in order to express yourself through illustration and photos. There are many designs we see in our daily lives, such as icons on a computer screen, traffic signs, and exit signs, that must be understood with just a glance. In the graphic design course, we will look at all the possibilities that design can offer, as well as increasing your knowledge and technical skills to use them effectively.

Vision Next Event Calendar

Entrance Ceremony

New students entering the school say their pledges, and current students welcome them. It’s the start of their enriching school life!

Special Seminars
(April to August)

Communication lessons by FM Gifu’s DJ, job hunting lessons by Hello Work, as well as lessons by leading fashion and IT professionals are held.

School Festival

School Festival (October)
Fashion students exhibit their projects and have a fashion show.
Information design students show off their movies, games, and other works.

Fashion and Information Design
Seminar Trip (November)

Visiting IT facilities in places such as Tokyo and Osaka, students experience the newest fashion and cutting edge techniques firsthand, as well as strengthening the bond between teachers and students.

Ogaki Fashion Festival

Hirano Gakuen’s biggest event. The first part is a fashion contest in which anyone can participate. The second part is for graduating students to show off their creations.

Graduation Ceremony

School life wraps up. Graduation students move on to their next stage.
Younger students move up to the next level of their studies.

As Expected of a Technical School!
A Campus Life Full of Topics!

Topic 1

NDK (Nihon Design Bunka Kyoukai) and other Awards Every year we participate and win awards at the NDK Fresh Contest and Grand Prix, as well as other contests.

Topic 2

Gold and Silver Awards at the Self Defense Force Poster Competition Our students won awards at the Gifu Self Defense Force Poster Competition with the theme of “Our Self Defense Force”.

Topic 3

Makeup and Nail Lessons
Total fashion includes more than clothing, so students can broaden their skill set for future use.

Topic 4

Communication Lessons
Students can learn directly from professionals in their field of study. They can put these skills to use immediately after graduation.

Topic 5

Ogaki City Mayor Award and More at a Poster Competition Our students received awards at a poster competition at Softopia Japan. Students interviewed businesses and created projects like newspapers and Powerpoint presentations.

Topic 6

Production of Fashion Events
We produce many different fashion events, such as the school festival, Ogaki Fashion Festival, and Minoji Street Fashion.

Topic 7

Art Gallery Corner
In the entrance of Vision Next, there is an art gallery of students’
works. It is a space for relaxation.

Topic 8

The Beginning of Robot Styling!
Vision Next participated in planning the Softbank Robotics Fashion Show, featuring the robot Pepper.

Topic 9

Broadcasting Fashion Trends on the Radio The spread of fashion information, one of Vision Next’s founding principles, can take many forms. This includes radio, TV, and other forms of media.

Topic 10

Knowledge and Refinement at Chuunichi Culture Center Through lessons at the Culture Center, students can acquire many kinds of knowledge and experience.

Topic 11

Award at Yumi Katsura 50th Shining Forever Our student won an award for Best Technique from the All Japan Bridal Association at a contest featuring entrants from all over Japan. The design and technique were highly rated, and we are proud that we put pressure on the other participants.

Topic 12

Assisting Job Hunting Through Seminars
In order to learn proper manners and leave a good impression, students receive instruction from a veteran customer service worker at a high-class hotel.

History Establishes Trust

VNの歴史 History Establishes Trust

Amid the fiery history of 1944, Sumie Hirano founded the Wayou Saiju Juku, in order to offer the necessary skills for the coming era of peace.
In the more than 70 years since then Vision Next has established itself as a well-loved fashion, IT, and design school.

Creator and Founder Sumie Hirano

While working at Mitsukoshi, she realized the importance of fashion education, so she opened a school during the war era. Immediately after the end of the war, she went to Europe to study fashion education. After her studies in Paris, she returned to Japan, where she created the first local fashion show and searched for various expressions of beauty.
Her legacy and vision of learning useful knowledge and techniques through hands-on experience continues to live on through the staff at Vision Next.

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